The Artist's Spaces Series...

What is real for me is the illusion I create with my paintings. Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863)

In 19th century France, Charles Baudelaire and Emil Zola encouraged their artistic colleagues to focus their creative energies on subjects drawn from their own real life experiences; as opposed to myths, religious events, historical moments, etc. Taking their advice, I have used my forty years as an art historian as a means to develop my painting skills and as a resource for the Artists’s Spaces series. 

I have chosen a special group of artists who have become my distinguished family of muses. The narrative glue that holds this body of work together is my attempt to synthesize each artists studio space with the space(s) that mark their signature style. In addition, I have added sub-narratives that distinguish a particular artist’s work.

In the end the content expressed in this series is based on the continuity of the spatial narrative plus the various sub-narratives.- GC

© Gene Cooper 2020