Gene's Muses


It is in the museum that one learns to paint. Pierre-August Renoir (1841-1919)

Having had years of experience in the study of art history and a virtual absence of studio art education, it is with reason that I have looked to museums for inspirational muses, artists who have directed my second career as a painter. Each time I apply a paint stroke I know one or another master rests on the brush tip helping me navigate through the vagaries of the creative process. 

Art history is the main tool in my tool box... It is my aesthetic compass. It informs my painting with a sense of depth and continuity. Plus, it joins me personally with a distinguished fraternity of noted artists. Thus, it is only proper that I respectfully pay homage to those muses who have helped shape my work. I am humbled by their extraordinary achievements and without their guidance my artwork could easily sink into a empty, dark hole - GC

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