Drawing is the first of virtues for a painter. It is everything; a thing well drawn is always well enough painted. Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867)

This portfolio is to exhibit a brief collection of Gene’s drawings and other work that does not fall into any of the other listed categories. As Gene says: Drawing is an intimate process by which an artist describes his most authentic sensibility. The drawing itself is the irrefutable evidence of an artist’s capacity to create, it is the touchstone of the creative process. Through drawing the artist privately expresses his personal state of being.

The pantheon of artists that brings the brightest of light to the history of art share extraordinary drawing skills, ones that were highlighted in the educational curricula of a long line of notable guilds and academies. Until recently drawing was a required skill for all those who would deign to wear the mantle of “Artist”. A writer knew his grammar, a musician knew his scales and an artist knew how to draw. Despite its current unpopularity drawing remains as the artist’s most revealing moment.

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